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Scott Abbott's "Yellow Jacket"
.Scott Abbott from Pennsylvania sent me these pics of his Savior build. Here's Scotts story in his own words

Back in 1980, my last year of school in Ag  Mechanics, we were to build something and I always wanted a old School Chopper. I had a 1977 750k bike that I wanted to do something with, so I searched and found that I could buy a set of plans for a Savoir Frame for a Honda 750. I bought the plans, gathered up the parts I needed and the School let me make a jig to build the frame. I got it all done by the end of the year, rode it for 5 years and then parked it 'til last year. My wife wanted me to sell it because it was taking up too much space.I told my wife i was going to redo it some day and do more fab work on it to improve it. So, she let me re-do it for a winter project. I rebuilt the motor and put an 836cc big bore kit in it, then powder coated the motor parts and did more fab work on the frame and finished the construction. Once I finished that, I powder coated the frame and some other parts.. I finally got it done and this is the finished product

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