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Phil's "Vintage Purple"
.This purple machine has been my baby since 1978 and has been ridden almost daily anytime the weather is decent, since then.
Many other bikes have come and gone before and after building this one but I just can't seem to part with my old "vintage" Purple Honda.

The engine is a 1972  750.  It was bored to 900cc's in 1978, when the bike was built to its current specifications.  It's built on an Amen Savior frame with a 10" over, Fury girder front end.  The wheels are Avengers on the front and rear.  Obviously, being 35 years old the original paint is showing it's age but it still gets a lot of attention wherever the wife and I ride.  The artwork on the tank, some of you might recognize, was modeled from a '75 Eagles album cover.

Last year I decided it need a little more night time visibility so I added purple LED lights to the bottom of the tank and frame. They reflect pretty nicely off of the chrome.  Being in my sixties, the wife keeps telling me I'm too old to still be riding this bike but I just can't let it go.  I have 2 other bikes I can ride but this is still my favorite and gets the most mileage.  I was so excited to stumble into "". In this area, you don't see many other 750 Four, choppers.

I was beginning to think I was one of very few who still appreciated the good old 750's.  It sure is good to see so many others still enjoy owning, customizing and riding such a great classic bike.  I look forward to being in contact with and part of such an elite group.  I hope some of you enjoy looking at this bike as much as I've enjoyed looking at the other bikes in the gallery.

Thanks for looking,
Phil Wastler
Helena, Ohio


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