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Red Good's Cycle One Rigid
A few years back, while Red and Kate were still in Saskatchewan, Red started this bike with the idea of showing what you could build using the the majority of a stock 750s part  with a few Cycle One parts and come up with a sweet looking, not-so-expensive project chopper. First he stripped a stock 1978 K model CB 750 for the major parts he needed.
  • Motor
  • Carbs
  • Front wheel and brake.
  • Rear wheel and brake.
  • Front fork and fender
  • Hand controls
  • Front master
Basically, everything else went to swap meets. Then he did up a Cycle One traditional rigid frame for it, with these specs:
2 forward stretch, 2 up stretch with a single curved down tube, Honda neck with 36° rake, Tube neck gusset, 20mm v-style axle plates, and 5 ride height.

Next he added 4" tubes to the front end  and made up a roller using the stock 19" and 17" wheels and tires from the stock bike. Then he added and 5" fender and fit on a pair of HD fat bobs. He wanted to keep this a build simple so he went with using the bone stock motor since it was a low miler that seemed really tight and good to go.

Now it was time to start making the rest of the stuff he needed. He started by custom making the dash panel and the seat pan. Then came the battery holder and the Santee style electrics box. Then he welded up a sissy bar to support the 5" flat fender and added the custom kick stand bracket. Next was the 5" oil tank and finally, his own set of forwards to fit those long ass legs. Before the covers went off to the plater, Red smoothed the emblems and fins from the stator and cam cover.

Now it was time to disassemble it all for the final details. Red sent the frame, forwards, oil tank and brackets off to be powder coated. He sent the fat bobs and fender off to MC Paint, his long time painter, the seat pan to the upholstery shop and a box of small parts, triple trees and the covers off to be chromed.

As the parts started to come back, it was getting time to move Cycle One from Saskatchewan to their new digs in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. Red began assembly, but soon it was put on hold and then went to storage until he and Kate were situated in the new Cycle One shop. Red went back to Regina to fetch this project in 2011 and has just recently been able to get back to it and finish it. Once he got back to it, he assembled it all using the following:

  • Sparto style tail lite.
  • Bates style headlight.
  • MAC drag pipes.
  • A set of 14" apes
  • And a set of pod type filters.
Next Red made up the appropriate length cables and hoses, then did all the tinkering to get it up and running. Red did most everything himself on this project, but he'd also like to credit those that helped with the project. All of the parts came from Cycle One in Locust Grove, OK. Powder coating was done by Phantom Powder Coating in Regina, SK. Paint was done by MC Paint in Regina, SK. Upholstery was done by:  Custom Canvas in Regina SK. Chrome was done by Alberta Plating in Calgary, AB.

You can see part of the build here in our build section here at

A kool budget rigid, I'd say. Nice job Red, on a very kool bike.


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