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Mike "ssminno" Young's "Bulldoggy"
Mike bought this bike about 5 years ago and rode it home, not realizing how much of his personal history was in this bike, or actually, the builder of the bike. As he was getting close to home a guy chased Mike down to tell him that the bike used to belong to his brother who, coincidentally, was Mikes dads buddy. The guy even had old pics of it for Mike. The original builder had passed away in the late 70s  and that same guy had a Corbin Gentry 750 Trike and gave Mike his first ride on a 750 when he was just 7.
What a small world.

So, Mike tore this bike down to personalize it to his tastes. The bike was already built on a Corbin Gentry chassis from the 70s.
Mike rounded up a pair of 16" and19" Invaders and had them powder coated black with Avon tires. Before he put them on he drilled the front rotor. Then added 4 over forks to get the stance he was after. Next came the stretched Sporty tank and shorty rear fender painted with overlapping flames. Next a Chrome 6" headlight with a side mount maltese tail light and plate in the rear.

Mike used one of Ron Finches "Neat Kit" electrical boxes from the 70s to hold the wiring. Once it was wired Mike topped it off with a sprung solo set and it was time to fire that puppy up. Mikes been riding this bike for a few years now with the original, unopened motor and it doesn't skip a beat. Mikes most prized possession on this bike is the shifter cover on the left side that he had Naguethey engrave his nick name in. A fitting and kool touch that serves as a memory to very kool guy.


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