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Cwheelin's "Vader"
I joined when I was in the market for a cb and right away knew I wanted an ALL black bike, bobber style. 
This is what I wanted since I first started riding which was a crotch rocket. 

Unfortunately my first experience on honda chopper was Jeromy Hagemier. I bought a hard tail from him and waited 4 months only to receive some tubing that wasn't even tacked together. Since I don't know how to weld I almost gave up right there, as the waiting and lies were getting to me. I just remembered that I wanted this bike and it had to be done.  I also knew that I wanted a cb750 and nothing else will do so I kept to the plan. I wanted everything finned, even the valve cover which was done by Jimmy (copperheadz). 
I had a kicker done by Mike (Naguthey). It has an original bates seat. I used a stock front end and a 16" Harley rear rim (180 tire) laced to a stock hub. I used a triumph gas tank as I wanted something a bit different from what I normally see. I had just about everything powder coated except the engine and tins. A buddy of mine did the tins which has a tint of brown/gold flakes but they're very subtle. 

I never went this deep working on a bike and dont know if I will for a long time again,hahaha. When people first get into rebuilding a bike, I dont think they realize all that goes into it. Mostly money and time, which both are hard to come by now days with a family. I struggled on a name as I never was good at that sort of thing. Being all black, all I could come up with is VADER..

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