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Mandorider's "Mando Machine"
What a great experience. This started for me about 2 years ago when I went to a petting Zoo in the area with my kids. The owner of the Petting Zoo had this Old SOHC in his garage. It was in great shape and I thought it was stunning. He raked the front end a bit, had some drag bars on it, a custom seat from the 70s, drag pipes (4x4) and a sweet black paintjob. He talked about how fast it was and just by the way it looked I believed it. There is just something about the way that motor looks that says so. But, the clincher for me was when he told me, you have to hear this thing and, he fired it up. It really was the coolest sound I ever heard. It just sounded like the kind of high performance machine that you might expect to hear at a dragstrip and, if you ever heard one, you know exactly what I mean. So, I had to have one of my own and my search began. A few months later I found one. In retrospect I probably paid a little more then I should have but, its all about learning and the process began.

I didnít know much about bikes although I owned a few when I was younger. Now in my mid 40,s I found a new challenge, a new adventure. I didnít know what I wanted it to look like and I just started searching websites, not knowing what I was looking for but knowing what I liked when I saw it. I saw some amazing builds and some really simple ones. I loved them all. The more photos I looked at, the more in love I fell with the whole process. I joined a few websites whose members specialized not only in just building bikes but some of them specifically, on building SOHC 750ís. This was their passion and mine as well. I met some really wonderful people who helped me with a great many aspects of my build. I found a guy who builds awesome frames, a few more who made and or sold some wonderful aftermarket parts, and a few more who just had some great knowledge. And they were your everyday unassuming folks with whom I shared one thingÖ a passion for building these bikes.

Its never to late to start or try something new. Its never to late to pour yourself into a project like this. The knowledge you gain is priceless and so are the friends you meet along the way with whom I am certain that I will have a wonderful friendship for years to come.

All in all, Its not a perfect bike but its also a never ending process. I was just looking at some screws on the triple tree that I think would look better if I replaced them and maybe tucking a wire here, and maybe changing a bracket there. Its all part of the fun and Im dreaming about what my next one will look like.

Edwin (mandorider) Brand

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