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Aidan's Chopper
OK, the bobber (Trixie) was done for my oldest, so now I needed a chopper.  This is what Chuck & I came up with.  Wanted to go old school…single downtube, king-queen seat, long springer front end, heavy flake, coffin tank, lace paint job, ram flows…you get the idea. This one is for my youngest Aidan Zarcaro when he is ready.  I’m sure he’ll want to paint it with a flame job.
  • Bike:                                      1975 CB750 SS
  • Fab:                                       Chuck DeVueno
  • Designer:                                Vince Zarcaro
  • Parts Advisor:                         LRT
  • Support Advisors:                    Everyone here at
  • Moonshine support:              Rakentrail
  • Ignition & coils:                     Dyna
  • Oil tank:                                Ebay special
  • Front wheel:                          Ebay special 21” drum
  • Rear wheel:                           Stock hub laced to 16” HD rim from TAS with a 150
  • Rear brake:                           Stock
  • Rear fender:                         Ebay special
  • Pipes:                                    Custom by CDV
  • Sissy bar:                             Custom by CDV
  • Chain guard:                       Custom by CDV
  • Handlebars:                        Custom by CDV
  • Kick pedal:                          Custom by Copperhead Jimmy
  • Controls:                              HD from ebay
  • Speedo:                               Drag Specialties
  • King-Queen seat:                 Drag Specialties
  • Passenger pegs:                  Cycle ReCycle
  • Blinkers:                               Cycle ReCycle
  • Hardtail:                               Tanks by Tigman-6” over, 8” stretch
  • Oil gauge:                            Cycle X
  • Tank:                                     John Leatherman Productions
  • Chain tensioner:          weld on
  • Levers:                                 J&P Cycles 510-275
  • Carbs:                                   Houndog
  • Air Filters:                            Ram Flows
  • Cables:                                 Motion pro
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