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Bull8secs' "Hobo"
This bike started life as a 72 cb750. I took the front half of the frame and built a hard tail with about three inches of stretch, then cut the neck and raked it out about 10 deg. I am running two over forks I took off of a 86 gs Suz because they were just right to get the bike to set the way I wanted it to set. It has the standard CycleX speedo and TC Bro forward controls. I painted it Grabber green with metal flake added. I used Black inserts just because it fit with the green. Ghost flamed in a little darker green with about five coats of ppg clear over all the paint. The motor is from a 1978 F Super Sport. I shaved the cam cover and polished all the parts by hand. I did try my hand at engraving and put the 750 four on the cam cover. I call the bike Hobo, named after my old dog.

I am  one man show so when I say I built mine..... I really mean I BUILT MINE..

David (aka Bull8secs) 

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