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"Triple Trouble" By Copperhedz
This trike began life as a 1974 SOHC 750. The build started with a frame that has  45 degrees of rake. A ground up build with lots of custom fabrication, starting with the stainless spike nuts on the front, the body on the rear and many parts in between.

Up front is a 19" 6 spoke Invader wheel connected to a flame cut girder that truly sets this trike on fire. At the top of the girder are 4" slotted risers with 1" by 34" beach bars. Harley aftermarket controls for the accessories. At the rear is a servi-car rearend with low profile tires mounted on 18" Edge wheels. 4.5 gallon fuel tank sets atop the backbone supplying fuel to the stock 750 engine. Engine is tricked out with a nice finned valve cover, intake clamps, finned side covers, stainless santee style electrical box, breadbox air filter and Mac turnouts. Frame and body are powdercoated Prizmatic black. A real attention getter.

Many Thanks to Lowridertommy, Gerald Ragland, and the Hondachopper members for their advice and input.

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