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Vince's "Trixie"
I was in the midst of a divorce, when I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. A few surgeries later and I was fine. But in the midst of recovering, and after seeing that life is short, I decided to do something for me, to pass to my kids when it is my time.

I found a '74 CB750 donor engine & parts for $200 from craiglist. I ended up using the front & rear hubs, the trees, the front bucket, 4-1 exhaust, carbs, and handlebars. That's when I found I picked up a '73 titled frame for the '74 parts from Chuck DV at This ended up being the man who brought my dream to reality. Used the '74 front and rear hubs. Got some used OG rims & spokes from ebay, laced the rear drum, changed the bearings, and mounted it all to a Kenda 130. Used the stock front end, got some new brake pads, laced, trued and mounted it with a matching Kenda 100. 

The frame is stock with a Tigman hardtail. The '74 engine wouldn't kick, and I had a bad feeling that this motor was toast. When Chuck starts basic mockup, we realize that the motor is shot. When we get the head off, the pistons looked like brown soup. So we used it for parts to help another.

Back to craigslist where I find a '76 motor from Matt in Long Island. ROADTRIP! Forgetting that it is a holiday weekend, the trip takes longer than expected, but the motor is in great shape. So now we got a '73 frame, '74 parts, and a '76 SS motor. It's as roller. More parts from, Lowridertommy, TAS, craigslist & ebay. Carbs redone by Hounddog. So now it's paint time. The original plan was cherry red with a white stripe down the center, but it changed to the scallops you see here. I let my oldest pick the colors, as this will be his bike when he's old enough. 

Kicking welds, fabrication, and paint, by the best GOTFer east of the Mississippi, the king of the SOHC, the Kung Fu Master of Fab, Chuck DeVuono. I can't say enough about this man. He brought my dream to reality, EXACTLY how I saw it in my mind. So she didn't have a name. My son says Moolah after the greatest woman wrestler ever, but I was thinking Lucille after Lucille Ball (another redhead). Thats when it came to me. Trixie. Speed Racer is my ultimate hero and Trixie was SR's significant other, as is my Trixie.

Vincent Zarcaro 

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