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"The Pink Taco" by Duane Ballard
I have an old seventies issue of Street Chopper that has a show bike called "Snow White" in it.  My buddy Kutty and I have been fascinated with this bike forever. So.... we decided to each build our own bike inspired by this style.

First of all, we went down to Fred's Frames, Freddie Hernandez, and told him the idea. He was into it and built my frame and springer for a cb750 and Kutty's for a gen shovel. We started the projects I think the beginning of March 2009.  We both finished within a few days of each other at the end of September.  All the body fabrication on mine was done in my garage.  I usually had my buddy Alex in on the project, but during the process I had other friends help as well.

I took all the motor down to the local polisher, Geronimo, and let him have at it. Once that was finished Dennis Trudelle the engine back into one  piece with pretty much stock specs. Mild port job and 2nd overbore are about it. Didn't go nuts like the last bike. The paint was done by Sonny in Santa Fe Springs, CA. using House Of Kolor paint.

The bars were welded up by Bryan at Black Sunshine Customs. The incredible amount of welding, after I tacked everything into place, was handled by my good friend Mike Olson, PJ, and some of the crew at S&M Bikes. Slim helped with the pipes, spacer for the front brake rotor, and a few other things. The pipes were built out of two Biltwell exhaust kits that are primarily used for HD's. The wiring harness is from Wire Plus. Brake rotors are Ray Gun Technologies with HHI brackets and Calipers.

Both mine and Kutty's bike will be featured in  the January 2010 Street Chopper, as well as on the cover of that issue. Mine will also be in an upcoming issue of Dice. I couldn’t of pulled this one off without all the help from my family, a great circle of friends, and the companies listed. 

Duane Ballard

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