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Backporch Custom's Trike

I started this project with a completed Corbin-Gentry Trike. The project  was completely stripped down and came back up with new everything! It took about 1 year of "When I get the time!" to build. I rebuilt everything including the internals of the servicar rear end.
This bike was literally built and painted on my Back Porch and in my driveway. It just goes to prove you don't need a fancy garage to build a quality bike!

    * Thanks to my girl Julie for all her support !
    * Thanks to my Friend Dooley for all the help!
    * Thanks to LRT and the guys from for all the advice!
    * Thanks to Ken at CycleEx for all the parts,patience and advice!
    * Thanks to 45 restoration for the rear end parts! 
    * Thanks to James Upholstery for the seats!
    * Thanks to the Tire Station for wheels and tires! ,
    * Thanks especially to Cindy Sandford for her obvious talents aboard the trike too..

Some of the parts I used to finish the trike...

    * The trike frame and body are Corbin-Gentry
    * Stock '72 SOHC Honda 750 motor.
    * Cycle-Ex -dragpipes
    * dyna electronic ignition and coils
    * chrome covers
    * mini oil guage and adapter
    * Seats- James upholstery  (Hendersonville,N.C.)
    * Rear End- Harley Servicar
    * Paint- House of Kolors Kandy Brandywine
    * Painter- Lynn Warren
    * Rear wheels- Pacer w/ toyo tires
    * Front wheel- Chopper stopper invader
    * Front end- DNA 16" over springer 

*Back Porch Custom Parts*

    * points cover 
    * dynocover
    * clutch cover
    * starter cover
    * billet oil filter
    * oil tank end covers
    * gas and oil caps
    * coil mount
    * headlight bracket and clamps
    * kicker and pedal
    * air cleaners
    * highway bar
    * rear end disc brake conversion kit
    * dna axle spacer kit

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