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    * 1973 CB750 Engine
    * 1970 Amen Savior "EASY RIDE" Frame with NEW stainless steel parts on rear assembly.
    * Was origionaly set up for a Kawasaki 750 motor but redone for the CB750-4
    * Dyna Coils and Electronic ignition and custom Voltage regulator and rectifier.
    * 3 1/2 gallon Mustang tank.
    * Custom finned engine covers where needed.
    * Custom Forward controls.
    * Springer is of unknown origion but looks to be just the right length for my chop.
    * 21 inch mini brake front wheel with a 80/90-21 Avon tire
    * Harley 16 inch - 13 spoke rear rim with 140/90-16 Challenger tire.
    * Kawasaki Voyager handlebars. infinately adjustable for comfort.
    * 1 inch base piece and 7/8 for grips and controls with skull end grips.
    * One of a kind, CROSSED COBRA riders pegs.
    * 2 into 1 exhaust running down both sides with internal baffles.
    * Frame powercoated Corvette RED.
    * Custom rear disk setup with 4 puck caliper and custom mounting.
    * Custome Paint and Graphics by a guy I found on Ebay for a REALLY DECENT PRICE
       ($350.00 for the gas tank, oil tank, and fender.)

Spiderchopper has been in two bike shows and took SECOND PLACE in it's class in both shows. Not bad for my first hand at building a CHOPPER. Yep, I'm pretty pround of how SHE came out. Thanks in a big part to for all the support and help from everyone. When I started my "CHOPPER" my wife didn't think it would EVER get finished. I fooled her for sure. Well almost. I don't think it will ever be "FINISHED".

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