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Whitewolf's "Voices"
1976 modified frame (RideLord)
4 inches in the down tubes
1 inch in the backbone
seat rails dropped down
custom oil tank (Streetracer)
custom coil box and elec box (BAC750)
Headlight TLC spot
Working Class Forward controls (welded by Gougeye )
Grasshopper Springer (Kool Kraft)
Custom front brake (LRT and company)
Kickstand reworked by (Big Joe and his welder)
Copper highlights (WhiteWolf)
Custom foot brake cable set up (WhiteWolf)
1974 cb 750
836 kit
heavy valve springs
11:1 forged pistons
Barnett Racing Cam
4 into 4 shotgun style exhaust
pushes 96 HP (Dyno)

Loaded 2 build bikes , frame , tanks , parts , etc. and headed to Streetracers house. 2-1/2 days later she was born. She's had some changes since the build. Grasshopper springer has been added, forward controls, new cable brake set up, and copper on the coil box, pod cover, and fender skirt. Big THANKS to everyone that helped with the build and The add-ons since. Streetracer, BAC750, StubbySteve, Papabear, Bear, XXXlMark, BigJoe, Gougeye, Wrench, Snuffy, MisterSkin, KiKI, MrShivley, all you guys have taught me a lot and that's something that Money can't buy. An even bigger THANKS to the ladies that allowed us guys to do this build. SPECAIL THANKS to LYNN who let me do these wonderful painfull time comsuming things we call chopping.


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