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Andy Strain's "Irish 74"
Back in May I got an order for a t-shirt from a rider located in Ireland. Thats not a normal thing for me to recieve After I got the t-shirt off to him, he emailed me back to inform me that he got it safe and sound. I sent him an email back asking if he rode a 750 and if he did, I'd like to see it . I'm always interested in 750s from different cultures and what they do to them  in their area.

He was glad to send me a couple pics.. both of which I was surprised at. If you took his Honda and put a smaller license tag such as ours are on it.. This bike would fit in anywhere in the good ol' USA .. They do their thing in Belfast the same as we do here .. Its a very common style used throughout the world.

Soooo...   all the way from Belfast, North Ireland... Here is Andy Strains 750 Honda Chopper ... Irish

For  a donor bike, Andy Started with a 1974 Honda SOHC 750 that had already seen some miles in its day.

After some searching on Ebay, Andy found this rigid frame of unknown origin that suited the look he was after.

First things first, Andy laced up a 16x3 rear rim to the 750 hub. Then used the stock 19" front wheel assembly along with 3 over tubes in the Honda telescopic forks. Andy scrounged and scrounged until he found a set of after market wide glide triple trees that were drilled for the 35mm Honda tubes.. He topped those off with a set of 4" risers and drag bars using a mini speedo to keep him out of trouble with the local constables..(usually)

On top of the back bone Andy came up with a 3.5 gallon mustang tank that fit the gap perfectly. Now Andy dug in and spent countless hours in the tiny one car garage behind his house doing what he does best .. He worked out there hours upon hours and fabbed up his own oil tank, battery box and chain guard . Then reformed the rear fender and actually stretched and reworked the front mud guard to fit that wide stance in the front end.

Once all the pieces were accounted for, Andy prepped the frame and tins for paint . He appilied a Harley Davidson brilliant  blue pearl base color with very lively, hot licking flames, done using the yellow paint of another Harley. What a beautiful color scheme.

Andy put all that aside and dug into the motor, rebuilding it from top to bottom plus paint and detail to finish it.. Last step before assembly is the metal polishing . Again .. in steps Andy for the hard

Then he took the whole package to a friend's shop to bend up the exhaust setup you see here. Nice job. After all that, he slid everything into the frame and tightened it all to torque and fired that puppy up. From that point on its simply history. Andy rides this blue streak everywhere he goes, and who wouldn't. Usually we hear about the "Luck of the Irish" .. but in this case .. it is truly the "Skill of the Irish ". Andy Strain can proudly wear that t-shirt he has .. that tells everyone ..  "I BUILT MINE" .. because ... he did.

Great job Andy .. you should be proud.

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