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Roadkill Savior III
This bike is named Roadkill because of the "skunk incident" back in 2006 at the WHCM. This is the 3rd incarnation of this bike. The first build was a rat bike with whatever parts I had scrounged for free or next to free......that changed over the years to what you see now. The last build was a complete tear down, ground up build that I did in my garage during evenings from dusk till dawn. Sometimes, the next morning I would wake up with a wrench still in my hand almost late for work. Every nut and bolt has been replaced with stainless or chrome fasteners. Most pieces have been modified to fit in one way or another. The Finch springer was improved by me and then approved by Ron himself. The frame is painted black with silver micro flake the tins are Dark Red metallic..the first paint was Hot Hues Dupont Razzling Red but the fire changed that. This bike is as big a part of me as anything I've ever had. It will always be a part of me and I owe a whole lot of thanks to this site for what it is. Thanks to all you HCMF'rs everywhere.

Builder, Owner - me
Frame - AMEN Savior
Gas Tank - King Sporty
Fender - me
Sissy Bar and custom mounts - me
Motor - 836 with ART domed pistons
Controls - modified sporty controls by me
Wheels - Front 19" Hallcraft / Rear 16x4" 150 stainless spokes
Front End - Ron Finch Springer modified by me
Handle Bars - Inverted Clubmans
Paint and Powder coat - me
Ignition - Dyna S and Dyna 3 ohm coils
Ignition Box - Stainless steel Santee style
Seat - cut down and modified Ultima by me
Seat Cover - The750sargent

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