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Damien's "Pinchy"
It's a rat rod, no paint wearing, use whatever works, kick start only Honda cb750 chopper. It was built through out the winter of 2008. The frame is a little bit of everything. It started out with a SB&F Series II hardhead that was welded to a custom drop seat hardtail. It is stretched about 6� out in the back bone, and about 3� up. The frame as well as the springer front end were fabricated by local bike builder Chad Pearson of Pearson Customs. It has a 21" front wheel, and an 18" rear with 180 rubber. The rims are chrome (because I didn't have time to paint them black) with twisted spokes. The seat is an old street sign that was cut up and covered. The rear fender is from Front Street Cycle. It has a custom pill shape oil bag, and a stretched gas tank that was found in my stash. The motor has an 836 kit. I made the siamesed 4 into 1 pipes with about 4 sets of pipes that were laying around. Perched on top of the motor is my "Free Bird".

The bike was named "Pinchy" by my two year old son. It's not named after a smoking device, it is named after the villain on a Thomas the Train movie.

I would like to thank all my buddies that helped me on this project, Chad Pearson, Kevin Baas, everyone on the board, and a very big thanks to my friend and mentor, and all around good guy Lowrider Tommy. I also need to give a very special thanks to the 2 people that put up with my chopper insanity. My lovely wife Sarah and my son Logan (chopperhead in the making).


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