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Gurnee's Bagger
Steve started with basically a stock CB 750 frame. He cleaned up and stretched the neck area to get the 7" ground clearance that he was after. Then he modified the rear of the frame to accept an 8 over GSXR swing arm and attached an 1800 Gold Wing Monoshock to it. Then he stuffed in a 180 rear tire thats laced to an Excel alloy rim. After all the Steve added the necessary gussets and boxed in any openings for any needed support and to make this a clean and smooth conversion.

Steve used the forks and brake rotors from an 81 Gold Wind to attach to a CB 750 wheel and hub. He topped those of with polished CB 750 controls and a set of 12" apes to control everything.

Then Steve added Gold Wing foot boards that attach to the hand made bag supports and the rear fender for support.

The oil tank is a survivor of one of the Bung Kit oil tank kits that they offer.

Steve made the seat base from 16 gauge steel with foam from a Sporty seat and covered it all in smooth leather.

The saddlebags are simply an Ebay find that remain unmolested except for the mounting bracketry.

The valve cover and oil filter cover were smoothed of the fins and lettering and then polished as were all of the other covers.

Steve used two sets of Cycle Exchange builder pipes to be able to make them clear the bags . He then added velocity increasers as well as anti reversion inserts, then had them Jet Coated and of course, no baffles.

Steve also called on Cycle Exchange for the two mini gauges as well as the gas tank that he peaked..

After all of this .. he began the paint prep. Stev built up raised, two step flames using very thick, high build primer .He finished it all off with DuPont Vermillion Red with Fireball mini flake added . After that he took all the parts to Jeff Williams Studios to have the lettering and pinstriping done to set it all off.

A lot of time .. a lot of work.. and a lot of patience has certainly paid off well and Steve Olds can proudly tell the world: I BUILT MINE !!!..

What a beautiful and unique piece of Hondachopper beauty he has to offer.

Job well done. Very well done Steve.


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