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Turbogrimace's Sweet Santee
Grimace's bike is a Santee swingarm frame raked to 48 degrees and a DOHC swingarm. The bike sits at about 9 foot 6 inches tip to tip and turns on a dime thanks to the large amount of swing between the fork stops. The paint is a cinder candy apple red with gold micro-flake overtop.  Pinstriping is black and gold. A 10 over P&P girder was modified with 1.5 inch longer control arms and uses a 13.25 inch sportster shock so the control arms sit level at the 48 degree rake angle. The control arms are also a half inch wider so the legs would accommodate the Goldwing/CB750F twin disc brake system up front.

A two piston Harley caliper sits out back. The tread consists of a 90-90-21 up front and a 180-55-18 in the rear. Both the swingarm and frame were clearanced to accommodate the fat tire. Shorty sportster shocks are mounted out back with the swingarm mount modified to accept an eye-to-eye shock. Custom fender struts were made to fit the 9 inch wide racer fender and give some support for the Fat Boy king queen seat. The lighting consists of an integrated turn signal/ rear brake light, turn signal mirrors, and dual 4.5 inch stacked headlights.

The fuel tank is a rolled edge sportster tank with an aircraft style cap. An Acewell digital speedo/tach sits under the handlebars and also monitors the engines stats. The engine is a 1978 CB750 F model bottom end with a backcut transmission, polished crankshaft, Cycle X super rods, Wiseco 836 forged big bore kit, decked cylinders, Stage II MRieck ported and decked 1976 K head giving the engine 10.9:1 compression, 33.5 mm OS intake valves, HD valve springs, adjustable cam sprocket, Yoshimura Daytona race cam, and stock carbs. A barnett clutch and spring set was installed along with a 17 tooth front sprocket and a 46 tooth rear sprocket to finish up the driveline. The ignition system is a freshly rebuilt ARD Engineering magneto with a clear cover so you can watch the gearbelt fly. The exhaust is a 4-2 turnout made from a set of drag pipes and some aftermarket mufflers. There's still more but we'll leave it at that.

Special thanks for all those who helped with this build. Thanks for the parts, the work, and the criticism fellas! This would have never been possible without the help of all of my friends here at And most of all, I have to thank my wife Kate for her unwavering support and putting up with the countless hours in the shop. This build took just under a year to finish.

  • Total Length: 10’ 4”
  • Neck Height: 40.5”
  • Rake: 56* (51* neck, 5* internal)
  • Trail: 3”
  • Frame: Santee swingarm raked to 51*, 1.5” widened fender struts, Harley 1” neck
  • Engine: 10.9 to 1 CR
  • 1978 CB750 F bottom end
  • backcut F model transmission
  • worked crankshaft
  • CycleX Super Rods
  • Wiseco 836 forged piston kit
  • Decked cylinders
  • Stage II Mreick Ported and Decked 1976 K head
  • 33.5 mm OS intake valves
  • Heavy duty valve springs
  • Adjustable Cam sprocket
  • Yoshimura Daytona Cam
  • Stock Carbs (vm29's going on in a couple of months)
  • Barnett Clutch and spring setup
  • ARD Engineering Magneto w/ Clear Cover (RC dist w/ optical pickups soon)
  • Exhaust: 1-4 / 2-3 crossover primaries w/ slash-cuts. Black header wrap. Barely baffled
  • Swingarm: 81 cb750 DOHC clearanced for 180 mm tire, modified for eye-eye shock and HD brake system
  • Front End: 22” over (50”) fresh built girder w/ 5.5” long control arms and a 13.25” sportster shock. 5* of internal rake. P and P style independent control arms and trees. Internal brake lines
  • Paint: Cinder candy apple red with gold micro-flake in the clear.
  • Pinstriping: black and tan.
  • Front Brake System: Goldwing/CB750F twin disc
  • Rear Brake System: Two piston Harley caliper w/ 11” disc
  • Tires: 90-90-21 ME880 up front and 180-55-18 ME880 in the rear
  • Rear Suspension: 11.75” sportster shocks w/ cut springs
  • Tins: Rolled edge sportster tank w/ aircraft style cap, 9” wide racer rear fender
  • Seat: HD Fatboy King/queen
  • Lighting: Integrated turn signal rear brake light, turn signal mirrors, and dual 4.5” headlights
  • Gauges: Acewell Digital speedo/tach/info center
  • Final Gearing: 18-46
  • Random Stuff:
  • Added a center stand (freakin’ killer, easy to use and the bike is very stable)
  • Removable tool box on sliders under the carbs.
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