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"Jungle Boogie" by Baz7504
This bike started out as an easy restoration I thought!  After digging into it I found out that very little of it didn't need replacing to make it right.  Bummer.  So I figured I would search the internet for pictures of Honda choppers, need I say more! 

This led me to Tommy.  Armed with some parts and got some advice I headed home see what I could do.  Version one of this bike was shown to LRT and he said it was "cute".  Crushed, I headed home and did version two.  But this is the start of a long friendship. 

Version two was decent enough that I felt it could be seen in public.  After meeting a few Hedz for coffee and bbq's we were off to the Flood Run.  This is when Ratcollecter (Terry) and I met up with Roadcat, Twolfman, Tom836...the Uncles were born!  Later we would meet Pfunky and the rest is history.

After Roadcat fixed my leaking gas tank it was time for version three.  I made a new side cover out of steel for the left side and fixed the mounts for the rear fender.  I laced up a 21" for the front and replaced the forks.  The guys all pitched in and helped me with parts and advice.  Roadcat and Ratcollecter drove long distances to bring me parts and lend a hand.  True Brothers!  The paint is a '95 Rover color I had mixed into a spray can and the flames are charcoal.  One of my Army friends (Kim) striped it and painted the tribute to my favorite bad idea juice on the fender.  Jungle Boogie it is!  Off to the Roost we go!  Now I meet even more HCMFers!

This started for me as a bike to get me around and have fun, little did I know it would lead me here.  I bought a bike and it came with a family.

Special thanks goes out to my wife, Sweet Sue for putting up with all the swap meets, beers, loud bikes leaking, leather clad pimps, neighbors bitchin, going all over the country to party...all the ingredients of a perfect woman!

And of course to the Uncles of Agony... MCUABUA

(NOTE: The last pic is the mockup of Steve's latest 750 project to be torn down soon, painted, then final assembly..... LRT)


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