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Blue Digger by Venice Choppers
This Honda chopper is a product of a vision I had been carrying in my head for 20 years, a chopper that handles. Through out that time, many days were spent scouring the bowels of Los Angeles for artifacts of the 70s' chopper craze. A Santee frame, and a Durfee girder, promised the stance I was after. An 18" CB750 rear wheel, and an 21" SL125 front, keep things narrow. Frame hugging merged headers help maintain cornering clearance. Rather than hiding electrical components in sheet metal boxes, brackets where fabricated to mount the necessary parts tight to the motor.

 When the smoke finally settled, the bike was stripped down, and sent to Andrews Powder Coating for some shine. Aldos' Auto Upholstery whipped up a fender hugging seat. The old chrome was touched up with an Eastwood plating kit, and everything was bolted back together with chrome, and stainless, hardware. The end result is a collection of vintage parts, with a durable finish, that begs to be ridden.

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