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Horseshoe's "Green Redo"
So.... here's the story about my bike.

You know that guy you hear about that got that really ridiculous deal on a bike? Well that guy would be me. I picked up this chop for the grand sum of $50.00. Yup the decimal is in the correct place, that reads Fifty United States Dollars. I bought this from a friend, who had tried to put on an electronic ignition and failed. He didn't know that the ignition was for a Suzuki, thus the wires where the wrong color for a Honda.

Now mind you, it didn't look anything like the fine specimen you see before you now. When it came home with me it had fat bob tanks, a crappy chrome fender, a terrible attempt at a seat, and wires hanging all about.

So my first goal was to get ignition, not knowing where to turn I did an internet search for "CB750 wiring help." As one in the know may have guessed, that search lead me to the wealth of knowledge for everything CB750, good ole Armed with some knowledge from the site I was able to get the bike to fire, and I rode it around the storage facility where I was working on the bike.

Once this was achieved, I put on a sportster tank, flat trailer fender, and a bed liner paint job and rode the piss out of the beast. Well accept for the times I had to push it due to a charging issue.

After rocking the bike like this for a few years, I decided it was time for a change. So over the winter of '09 / 10 and into the spring, myself and my friend Chopper Scott tore the bike completely down. I'm talking we toke the top end and the jugs off the engine, and put in all new seals and internal engine studs. Then I polished my valve cover, hacked up and frisco'd an old Wassel tank, cut down and widened a Sprotster rear fender, and then we let the molding begin. Once everything was smooth as a babies behind, Chopper Scott shot some big ole green metal flake over a black base coat on all the tins. The frame was shot gloss black, and the front end was sent off and powder coated gloss black. When I had time, I worked up a design for the seat. Once my seat design was finished, I cut a pan out of some 16 gauge and shaped it over the backbone and my leg. Then I tooled and dyed the leather, stitched it up, and slapped it on the green machine.

These pictures show the fruits of mine and Chopper Scott's labors.


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