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Oldmanhonda's "Michigan Rockin Red"
Here's the story.....
I picked this one up that was actual laying in a whole pile of assorted bikes. I tore it all down and started on the motor which cleaned up very well, DA sanded all the covers and rebuffed,and wire brushed the fins for days to remove all the mud dauber nest.
then added a 836 kit and a little better cam. replaced the pipes with some chrome drag pipes, and rebuilt the carbs, in which those were replaced by the ones I won that houndog built and placed in the honda chopper raffle a year ago. Added a new 16 inch rear rim and spokes and new dunlop tires front and back. I had a 1958 rear fender that came off from I don't what lol but with some modifications it fit right on there, put on a mustang tank, and a solo seat. I used Kandy wild berry paint from global Kustom and five coats of clear. we called this one MICHIGAN ROCKIN RED


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