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Bull8secs' Red Sled
This bike started out with an SB&F frame but it was in a shop fire along with 3 other CB 750s. The roof caved in on the bikes and melted the motors. 

I built the motor out of 4 melted motors. I had it bored out to first over with all new pistons, rings, valves, valve guides, seals and gaskets. I  built the hard tail by looking at one of  my friends bikes. I did all the painting and fab work on the bike. It has eight over forks by franks with raked triple trees, club man bars, and a CyclEx mini speedo. I used a combo Rectifier/ Regulator and a Dyna Ignition hen I wired it.

I used TC Bros forwards, an Ultima solo seat and four inch Drag Specialties risers from Hot Rod Cycles. I built the oil tank, battery box, brake/ shifter linkage, and rear finder struts. The rear wheel is a 16 inch Harley laced to a 750 Honda hub with a vintage tire. Up front is a stock 19 inch also with a vintage tire. The bike is a 1971, but was built late in the year so it is titled as a 1972. The pipes are old school cross over drags along with a bread box air filter. 

A lot of thanks go out to all the  guys on for a bunch of good info and to LRT for the reg/ref combo. Thanks to Gator Cycle for the tires at a good price. I don't know anything else to tell ya but I built mine, no one has put a bolt on this bike but me. I painted the bike bright red with gold/green metalic ghost flames, covered with five coats of clear. All in DuPont paint. I hope this explains it all.

David (aka bull8secs)

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