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George's Black Beauty
Georges bike is nothing overly fancy, but done very well and very clean. Its simply a fine example of what many of the guys build and ride at The last photo is of Georges dads 750 Honda from 1976. The bike that started the fever for George and this is his story. 


My family owned a Honda motorcycle dealership from 1969 to 1983. The story goes that they couldn't get a Harley dealership, so they settled for Honda. I was nine years old at the time and they were died in the wool bike people their whole lives. The 750 boom had just started and we sold a ton of 'em along with all the other, good and bad (450) models they made. Guys would take bikes off the floor and have us put 10 over forks, high bars, king queen seats on em and in their mind they had a chopper. What a joke. 

I started in the shop scraping gaskets, doing oil changes and inspections, assembling new bikes and such. We had 3 guys in the shop and did a brisk business in service. I was commanded into the parts department to become the parts and accessories manager and that's were I stayed through my tenure. We had a reputation on Long island for having the fastest street bike around. A 1972 750 k bored out to 1080 with all the good stuff including an extended swing arm to keep it from flipping over. We were tested on a regular basis every Saturday at closing time. I remember the guy who finally beat the bike with a really big bore Kawasaki. He spent thousands to beat it, and then he sold it and bought a gold wing, what a nut. We continued to have fast bikes right up to the end. We had a 1979 cbx with a big bore kit and turbo that would start to lift the front wheel at 100mph. I did 165 on that bike on the hwy and it had more. I had a new 81 750 f with cbx pistons (made it about 810 cc) with Andrews cams and a bassani 4 into one that was freakishly fast. 

I was not a chopper guy.  My father was killed in an accident with two other bikes. One was our service manager and good friend. The other was a mechanic that worked for us. They were all riding their choppers that night.  Things changed quickly and I had no desire to ride ever again.   25 years later they start building choppers on TV and I got a bad case of "Shit ...I got to do this".

 My father and our friend and service manager Vinnie Cascone had built two 750 amen framed choppers around 1976. One hard tail and one savior. They were clean and mean. My fathers was gone in the accident, Vinnie still has his and rides it today, over 30 years later. Vinnie was instrumental in my bike coming to pass as He provided the donor bike that someone had given him, a 76 750 F with 5000 miles on it. He eventually did all the wiring and some of the construction and assembly. 

OK enough of the tall tales from the legendary past. Here's what I was thinking: I would like to build a chopper using an amen savior frame that would be totally period specific to what was built in the 70's. I had seen enough gaudy overdone 750's that guys called customs to know what I didn't want. 

Through the power of the internet I was able to find everything I needed to build this bike. Honda was my inspiration and driving force. I bought and traded parts on their site, I found LRT and Ken at Cycle Ex. on the links page. I bought a lot of things I needed on eBay including all the chrome, used but not bad. The Corbin seat was a real prize for me as it was the exact one I was looking for. My 16 inch rear wheel with the fins turned off the hub and chromed was new old stock that had been sitting in a local shop for the last 30 years!   The frame was bought from a dude in California on eBay. 

The auction went nuts into a bidding war and I wound up paying $900.00 for it. The guy was so happy it went that high that he boxed and shipped it for free. The frame was pretty bare bones. I had to do some welding and fabricating of motor mounts, fender brackets, fork stop and some other stuff. We figured out the fork length with the 21 inch front wheel so the bike would sit just right. The paint is black with a slight flake and clear coat that was done by Matt at Perfect Ten in West Babylon N.Y. who did his usual impeccable job. It rides hard, but gets a lot of Looks.

Many of the parts I've used here came from members here on Many others have come from hours of searching Ebay and the internet.  Heres a brif rundown of what i used.

  • 21" front wheel on a chrome hub from Cycle Exchange.
  • 16" rear wheel.
  • Speedo, headlight and tailight form Cycle Exchange.
  • Forks by Frank fork tubes.
  • Top Triple Tree from LRT.
  • Tapered neck bearings, vel stacks and Drag Pipes from LRT.
  • Sportster tank.
  • Corbin Gentry Seat.
I wish I could remember more specifics here, but I destroyed all of the receipts, so the wife wouldn't find them.


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