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Duane Ballard's "Funkenstein"
Here is a killer Bike, Clean Lines, Clean Wiring, Clean Paint..... VERY NICE.... OH,, and as always finding a HOT LOOKIN CHICK to straddle (or lay on) your bike immediatly catches my eye. This bike was built by Duane Ballard, the master leather worker that has created seats for many pro builds and hondachopper guys alike. If you need a custom leather seat I would recommend him hands down. SO when your done feasting your eyes on the hot redheaded beauty on the chop,,, take a long look at the bike and read the stats in Duane's own words, or the list below.

My frame is a C&G that I bought from someone in Ca. I hade Marc Rowe at Rowe Machine replace the neck with an hourglass style HD neck. The oil tank is something a buddy had in his garage. The Ness tank is an NOS one that I found on ebay and won for 100 bucks. It was PERFECT. My motor was built by Ken at Cycle Exchange. 836 with cams, his carbs, and lots of shiny stuff. My rear wheel is from custom chrome and is 16", the front is a hd aftermarket wheel. It's a 19". I have a 11" disk in the rear with mounts by Fab Kevin. The front is a 10.5 with a six piston caliper. The front end was built by Paul Durfee especially for this bike. It handles incredible. The bars were built by Cole Foster as a favor after not being able to find any I liked. The hand controls are Arlen Ness Retro. Robert Pradke painted the tank and fender. The frame is appliance white powdercoat. All the ignition items were bought from LRT. They also came with alot of help over the phone during final assembly. Thanks! The pipes are Mac Drags. Kickstand is Matt Hotch. A buddy and I made the sissy bar from a fab kevin strut kit. I've driven it about 4000 miles this summer with very little probs. It's all been a few wiring things that were easy fixes. Some hack made the seat. I think that's it.

Builder, Owner - DUANE BALLARD
Frame - C&G
Neck - 1" Harley Davidson Style
Gast Tank - N.O.S. Arlen Ness
Motor - 836 Cycle Exchange
Carburetors - Cycle Exchange
Wheels - Front 19" / Rear 16"
Brakes - Rear 11" Disk (Fab Kevin) / Front 10.5
Front End - Paul Durfee Girder
Handle Bars - Cole Foster One off
Hand Controls - Arlen Ness
Paint - Robert Pradke (with Powder Coated Frame)
Ignition - Lowriders By Summers
Seat - some amateur named Duane Ballard (Duane Ballard Custom Leather)

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