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WildWard's "The Wolf"
I hate window decals, I've always said it... Cavlin pissin on a nascar number, My son is a honor student, Orange County Choppers,,,,ect..... I always said. It would be different if it was original but just buying a window decal in a store and slappin it in your back window is like sending a generic halmark card. BUT.. Wards window decal drips of class,, I bet half the RUB's behind the van are thinkin,,, MAN I WISH MY WIFE WOULD LET ME DO THAT!! But they lack the ambition to do something original.

His bike is the same... Original.. I love everything about it. and I bet the same guys that see his decal on the van think the same thing about the bike.. MAN I WISH I COULD BUY ONE OF THOSE. The funny part is you can't, you have to BUILD one of those. and that is what Ward Garrison did.. GREAT JOB ON A KILLER BIKE. Way to go Ward. Be it his van or his bike... the man is out there showin some class.

Ward Sent us some Specs on his killer ride:

Thanks for the interest in my bike. Here is an item by item rundown. It's a Smith Brothers and Fetrow frame with a rebuilt 836 engine. Donnie Smith was here for a bike show and was really freaked when he saw one of his old frames. We talked for quite a while and was glad to see my bike with all those HD's. Very nice guy! Independent gas tank, Accel 4 degree raked triple tree with 21 inch Accel front wheel and a 3 and a half inch by 18 Sun rim on the back. The foreword controls are homemade just like the oil tank which is a piece of exhaust pipe from a diesel truck. The front fender is Honda along with the rear fender which is two Honda fenders welded together. The graphics on the gas tank is supposed to be "The Wolf" and the graphics on the oil tank is a gray wolf paw print. I painted the tanks and fenders with a base coat, clear coat Deltron paint. I shot the first coat of clear with a dab of red pearl to kind of blend in with the seat and graphics. The base coat is a Porsche silver. The seat pan is homemade from a piece of aluminum from a horse trailer that burned. Dyna ignition and Cycle Xchange carburetion and intake. That's about it. Building bikes is a lot more fun than laying around under cars over radiators and under dashes!!! Later Ward

Builder/Owner - Ward Garrison
Frame - Smith Brothers and Fetrow
Tripple Trees - Accel 4 degree rake
Gast Tank - Independent
Motor - 836 Modified
Carburetors - Cycle Exchange
Wheels - Front 21"Accel / Rear 18" Sun
Oil tank - One Off By Owner
Paint - Ward Garrison (OWNER PAINTED!)
Rear Fender - One Off By Owner
Seat - One Off By Owner
Forwards - One Off By Owner

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