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Alan Shively's Ride
Without a doubt one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet on a honda is Alan Shivley. But you wouldn't know that looking at his ride. His bike is a KILLER!!! Alan spent alot of time making his bike "Just Right" and it shows. The pinstriping is GREAT and the look is AWSOME. Here are the specs on this killer ride.

Exhaust...Santee from Cycle Exchange
Seat- Drag Specialities from Lowridersbysummers
Sissybar-Stainless made by Alan,Dirty and Brian Spalek
Gas Tank-Gary Littlejohn "space coffin"
Wheels-Front is a 21" mini drum with avon speedmaster From LRT
Rear 16" laced to a 6" rim with avon venom From LRT
Base Paint-Brian Spalek
Pinstriping and Engraving....Dirty
Springer..been trying to find that out for years! help!!

3/4" allthread and bolts
1" tubing
the pegs are from an ornamental iron fence top
and the linkages are SS tubing.
dirty bent up the foot control arms and i got the cross plates off ebay...

So, If you ever see this chopper rolling down the road with a guy smiling from ear to ear don't be surprised. It's just Alan Doing what he built this bike for.. RIDING!!!

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