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Chopperholic's "Diamond Bike"
With the same dedication that a trained jewler would shape a raw piece of carbon, G.O.T.F. member Chopperholic created a masterpiece of steel and aluminum. This rolling show piece is appropriatley named "The Diamond Bike".

The attention to detail and never sacrifice on quality attitude has made a chopper worth drooling over. The diamond bike sports a ground hugging stance that means buisness. With a chromed engine breathing through those huge carbs this bike screams FAST!! The Diamond Bike sports, VERY rare Weber Carburetors, Henry Abe tappet Covers, Kool Fins, Accell Coils, Mac Drag Pipes, Forward Controls, and too many other parts to list.

Anyone who knows Chopperholic knows that he spent alot of time building the chopper that you see in this page. He is as Kool as his bike makes him look. Chopperholic thanks for taking the time and money to create a truley rare diamond indeed.

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