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Lowriders by Summers' "Black n Back"

.I built this bike for Todd Smith a customer and a friend of mine back in about 1979, before I opened Lowriders.
I was doing bikes in the 3 car garage behind my house at the time..
The bike was featured in Street March 1981 and again 29 years later in April 2010.
When I finished the bike Todd showed it a few times and then it sat in his garage as he had other bikes to ride..
This was one of my first customer bikes and it really didn't show the style of bikes I was building back then..
But .. it's what the customer wanted and he was always happy with it, and that's what matters in the end.
Over the next 35 years Todd never changed anything on it, other than a cover or doo dad here and there.
Todd moved to Arizona during that time and eventually sold the bike back in 2008.
That person tried for a while to sell the bike and during that time Street Chopper featured it as an 30 year old survivor feature bike hat was untouched since it was built.
The next owner has been trying to sell the bike for some time on Ebay as well as Craigslist.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with the bike or the running gear.
The sellers were just pricing it too high for the 750 market.
One of my current customers in Denver had been looking for a 750 chopper as a donor bike for a bike I'm building fro his wife, when he ran across this one..
After many phone calls he was able to agree  on a decent price for the bike with the Phoenix owner and the bike was shipped to me.
I just took these pics as it was unloaded at the shop..
So, next is to disassemble the bike to cherry pick the parts we're going to use for the new build..
Some of the details..

SB&F Series 2 Hardhead added to a stock frame.
SB&F Girder (3 over)
SB&F Strut shocks
SB&F gas tank
SB&F rear fender
Drag Specialties rear sissy bar
Drag Specialties Drag Vader 19 and 16 wheels.
Drag Specialties seat.
Drag Specialties tiller handlebars.
Drag Specialties air cleaner.
Drag Specialties taillight..
Drag Specialties/ Alphabet exhaust. (the bike was first built with the DS pipes shortened and the kicker would hit the muffler at times.. so we changed to Alphabets exhaust as the later pics show)
Lucas headlight
Ron Finch Neat Kit electrics box
Santee Oil tank.
Alrighty then... let's get that Sawzall out and start cuttin'...hahahaha..


This bike featured in: Street Chopper March of 81 and Street Chopper Spring of 2010

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