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Baz7504's "Big Red One"
.This bike began as the bottom half of a motor and an incomplete 10" over springer.  I had Red and Kate at Cycle One build me a 10 up, 6 out, 42 deg rake hard tail with a curved downtube.  Tommy had a top tree machined for my narrow springer that I topped with z-bars.  I laced up a 21" spool wheel to go with the 16" rear.   I spliced two trailer fenders together and re-arched it to fit the LePera seat and 140 rear tire.  The gas tank is a WCC knockoff smoothed and molded by Tommy. 

The motor is an 836 with a Webcam and Dyna ignition. Coils are mounted on top of tranny with a handmade aluminum cover.  I hex cut the jug and polished all the covers.  The exhaust is a  ceramic coated 4 into 1 header that exits through a NASCAR inspired collector. 

The forward controls and rear brake are aftermarket Softail style plumbed with braided stainless lines to match the braided clutch and throttle cables. 

After a year of riding, the bike was torn down for molding and paint.  Tommy at Lowriders By Summers smoothed it all out and shot it with a mix of House of Kolor paints before DJ Eckel applied the gold leaf and wild pinstripes.  Dan and Jamie Kennedy finished off the wiring.

The bike is named Big Red One as a tribute to Joseph Kennedy.  Joe proudly served with the 1st Infantry Division and gave his life for our country. He lived life at full throttle.

There are way too many people to name who helped me get this bike complete, but the greatest thanks goes to my beautiful wife Sweet Sue for all of her support!


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