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Tom Thomas's "Just Right"
A couple years back, the owner of this bike contacted Red and Kate at Cycle One with some ideas he had for a new build. To start with Red built him one of their softail frames, then put together and fit the parts needed to make this bike a roller. When Red was done with his magic, the owner shipped the bike to Nathan at the Bike Shack in Bozeman, Montana to finalize the build and paint. This whole project was done with outstanding attention to detail by both Red and Nathan and obviously, no cost was spared. The best of everything went into this bike and it shows. Good job Red.

Here's the story in the owners words

"Just Right" is a custom built street bike which combines the best of the American chopper with the high-rev power of a built-up Honda CB750 engine.  It was crafted from the finest steel, chrome, brass, and copper,  then finished in dramatic, unique colors and with a style which emphasizes the overall balance of this fine machine. 

The graceful lines of the custom gas tank and oval oil reservoir emphasize the curve of the single front tube and literally create a display window for the engine and its supporting cast. The Honda engine was chosen in open defiance of the modern notion that a first class custom machine must be powered by an air cooled V-Twin. The high compression, high lift, heavily carburated, straight-piped, 862cc four cylinder engine is, in full modern form, still as much of a game changer as it was when it was introduced to the world in 1968.

The metallic white paint used as the base color for "Just Right" is the exact same paint used by BMW Automotive on its world famous M3. The red-orange trim is the familiar Chevrolet Red-Orange color used by General Motors for many years to set Chevrolet automobile engines apart from the herd.  The paint scheme was carefully crafted to emphasize the length and grace of the frame, while providing visual front-to-rear balance between the slightly oversized rear tire and the slightly oversized headlight.  The pictorial on both sides of the fuel tank is taken from an actual National Geographic photo of an exploding star forty-five light years from Earth.

The bike carries no excess baggage or faddish implements.  It is pure motorcycle.

Despite the show quality of its design and finish, "Just Right" is no garage queen.  It was built to be ridden often and fast.  The high revving engine provides heart thumping acceleration,  and it delivers its punch with thousands of screaming rpm's and bright flashing metal.  It will demand a high level of regular maintenance as all true high performance machines do, but then it is truly one of a kind and deserves to be treated as such. 

  • Gas and oil tanks were made by Thompson Choppers, and the headlight
  • Paint -- Larry Ortiz Customs, Denver
  • Plating -- also include Decorative Industrial Plating of Helena, Mt.
  • Instruments -- Spiegler
  • Handlebars -- Vicious Cycles
  • Velocity stacks -- Steel Dragon Performance
  • Brakes -- Brembo
  • Front and Hand controls -- Euro Components
  • Front End Ultima
  • Wheels HDW
  • Fenders Milwakee iron signature series
  • Seat Le Pera
  • Suspension Progressive
  • Softail chassis with jackshaft Cycle One Manufacturing
  • Pingle fuel valve
  • Kuryakyn gas cap
  • Slightly modified Mac exhaust
  • V-rubber & Avon Tires
  • I think that about covers it!
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