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Joel "Splitt" Splittgerber's "Kicking It"
The first big street bike that I ever rode was my neighbors CB750. I was 13 years old and I hadn't ridden anything larger than a 400 up to that time. Ever since then, I've always wanted to build a CB750 chopper.

I built this bike to capture the look of a late 70's bobber. So to keep this bike as period correct as possible, I tried to use as many used/NOS parts as I could. I decided to go with a hard tailed, stock frame, after not being able to locate a titled chopper frame. After I picked up a GME ribbed gas tank, I knew that ribbed fenders were the only way to go.

The paint job also had to be something that would look period correct, so no skulls or ghost flames on it. I decided that nothing says that classic racey look like scallops. For the colors, I decided on candy apple red and cream with a gold pin stripe to break it up.

Frame - 1975 CB750K
Engine - 1976 CB750F1
Hard Tail Section Cycle One Manufacturing
Exhaust Triple A Manufacturing (modified)
Seat LePera
Gas Tank G.M.E.
Oil Tank Chassis Design Company
Oil Gauge adapter Copperheadz
Electrical Box Mandorider
Kickstand, Oil line adapters, Clutch lever, Throttle and grips - Lowriders by Summers
Tires Avon Speedmaster II
Fenders and Fender Strut 7 Metal West
Rear Axle Nuts and Assorted Hardware Working Class Choppers
Saddlebag Rich Phillips cycles
Tool pouch Yamaha Star accessories
Paint Pape Auto Body
Powder Coating - Trail Performance Coating

Miscellaneous parts:
CB750 Supply
TC Bros.
Z1 Enterprizes
Lowbrow Customs
Norfolk Transmission and Muffler
Sioux Plating

A special thanks to everyone at for all of their help and inspiration.

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