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David "Dabo43" Bogard's Trike - Plain and Simple

Dabo had been mulling over in his mind building a trike for a year or two, but really didn't relish the task of building one from the ground up. At the 2011 WHCM he told me of his idea and wondered what it would take to do something and do it fairly simple. After I got home and after a few phone calls between us, I came up with a plan that David liked. I ordered a new DNA trike rear end shipped to my shop as a start for Dabos trike. Then I co-ordinated with my friend Ross Noard, a local fabricator, about what I had in mind. I wanted a swing arm made to hold the DNA rear end in a stock CB750 frame. It had to be as short as possible, as this trike was going to be a solo ride with a stock front end. We wanted the end product to be somewhat of a concept of what a 1974 CB750 trike would have looked like from the factory. After a bunch of drawings and measurements I took my plan to Ross to put together for me. After some trial and error, the last two pictures is what we came up with.

Once Ross finished welding it all up, I plumbed it and got everything lined up to a mock up Honda chassis that I had at the shop. Then I shipped all the parts David to put together on his 750 chassis. David painted the swing arm and went about assembling his project. He got a hold of a pair of 16" Honda Accord wheels and tires that were close to the design of the Comstar wheel he was using on the front of the trike. An old 4/2 exhaust setup that he had hanging in the rafters, along with two 12" car glass paks were added, which he ran straight back under the axle with a couple of handmade turnouts at the end. Tubing was used to fabricate the rear bumper that attaches to the rear rails of the swing arm.

A set of TC Bros. forwards were used, but David had to do a bunch of changing to make them solid and line them up the Grimeca rear master cylinder that I sent along with the mounting bracket for him to weld to the frame. Once he had this all functioning well and most of the bugs worked out, David took it to his friend Al Jarvis to make a metal trunk to fit over the rear end. Al bent and hammered out a beautiful shell that resembles a rumble seat from an early roadster, along with mounting a pair of flat fenders to the swing arm. When David got it back he did the body and prep work to the new sheet metal. After they were ready he sprayed the parts to match the factory Honda color of the 750 tank and side covers. So, here we have Davids concept of what a stock 1974 CB750 Honda Trike would have looked like, back in 1974.

Nice job David.

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