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Feederpig's Amen
This is a bike built a while back by Feederpig, a member here at, but Mark has sold it this past summer. Mark started with an Amen rigid frame and oil tank with a P&P girder. He used a 19" spool front wheel with a 16" rim laced to the stock rear hub. 6" risers with 8" z-bars sit about the old school prism tank. Some of the smaller details are the sword shift lever, the hand made cover over the pods and on down to the Finch Boobie point cover.

A small rectangle headlight and the iron cross taillight brighten up things at night and the custom seat follows that iron cross theme under a 12" pointed sissy bar. All of this wrapped in a heavy coating of semi gloss black paint. All in all, a nice tight package of old school goodness that Mark rode everywhere rain or shine. Nice job Mark.


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