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Venice's Bobber by Venice Choppers (Chris Tragert)
Years of riding choppers with extended front ends had left me wanting a bike that could handle the congested traffic of Los Angeles. When I came across a virgin Amen rigid frame, it was game on. With the frame blocked up on 4x4s, I fitted a 17" rear wheel, and a 78K front end. A 21" front rim gave me the right height to maintain optimum geometry. A 78F motor was rebuilt, painted silver, and outfitted with chrome covers. Round top carbs are used, with a rare Dunstall header tucked up tight under the engine. The mufflers are "Bellflower tips", with baffles welded to the removable end caps. In stealth mode, with the caps on, the exhaust exits through holes in the under-side of the tips.

Sitting low on a West Eagle seat, with 2" Bates springs, puts the clubman bars right at shoulder height. An alien tank, and 5" rear fender, were powder-coated charcoal metallic, with a candy red top coat. The frame, wheels, and fork were powder-coated matte black. A Lucas driving light was mounted up front, and a VW turn signal was radiused to fit the rear fender. The frame came with the Amen oil tank/battery box, the remaining electrical components were tucked underneath. Coil placement can be a challenge.

I always liked the the way magnetos looked hanging off the side of drag bikes, so I made a bracket to mount a pair of Harley coils off the clutch cover. The controls are pure function, Suzuki brake and clutch levers, a 40 Ford brake pedal, and rigid motor-mount pegs. With some careful assembly, and plenty of attention to detail, this 750 exceeded all my expectations. Sharp, and focussed, it's a blast to ride. A big thanks to my bygone heros, Mr. Soichiro Honda, and the ingenious fabricators of the 70's.

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