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"Supercharged and Injected" by 23tbucket
  • Frame: Owner modified Cycle One rigid.
  • Engine: Honda CB750 Automatic
  • Front Wheel: 18x2.50 Honda DOHC Comstar
  • Front Tire: Avon 100/90x18
  • Rear Wheel:  16x3.00 Honda DOHC Comstar
  • Rear Tire: Avon 140/90x16
  • Fork: Sam Springer
  • Rear Suspension: Amen Plungers
  • Handlebars 1 inch
  • Handlebar controls: Buell
  • Front Caliper: Nison
  • Front Rotor: Chinese made 9 inch diameter.
  • Rear Brake: Hydraulic Drum (using a handlebar master operating a slave cylinder)
  • Rear Fender: Inverted Front Indian fender modified by owner.
  • Gas Tank: 2.5 gallon prism with a round auxiliary tank holding 1 gallon with a fuel pum.
  • Seat: Drag Specialties.
  • Sissy Bar: Fabbed by owner.
  • Oil Cooler: Parts from a CB400 and a CB650
  • Exhaust; Drag Specialties (baffled)
  • Supercharger: Aisen 500cc  per rev (1:1 driven)
  • Throttle bodies: Fuel:  4 GSX R600
  • Throttle bodies: Air: 1 GSX R750
  • Cables: Motion Pro
  • Fuel Pump: Suzuki
  • ECM: Micro-squirt
  • Sensors: General Motors
  • 02 Sensors: Innovative LC1
  • Other wiring: Ultima
  • Ignition: Power Arc
  • Charging: External 35 Amp NIppon denso


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