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5supkids' Softtail
This all started after viewing a few episodes of OCC. I figured if those clowns can do it, it can't be that hard. I started out with a frame and an engine. In a short time I found this site and started soaking up all the available info and began seeing what the possibilities could be. After 4 1/2 years, whenever time & money would permit, this is my idea of what building your own is all about. No plans, just a vision, and a lot of help and ideas from this rowdy crew.
  • '77 stock motor w/early carbs
  • '73 frame-neck cut & raked to 42*. Used the engine cradle to the neck + 4" of backbone. A 9" stretch added to the back, new backbone (1 3/4") & seat frame. 
  • Swing arm mounts remounted to the stretch
  • '90 CB 750 tank stretched 5" w/petcock relocated.
  • 6" flat fender w/'63 VW taillight molded in, reradiused to fit 16" wheel.
  • '77 Honda hub laced to 3"X16" rim w/150 tire.
  • '71 SL 125 21" wheel w/hub machined for 750 brgs w/custom axle machined to fit the Suzi DRZ 400 front tubes (49mm) w/custom brake stay.
  • Trees from a V-rod (49mm, 3* rake, w/GW spindle).
  • Highly modified CB650 swing arm w/shortened HD softail shocks.
  • Fabricated items: Handlebars; Seat pan (covered by 'Lefty"); Sissy bar; Front & rear blinker mounts; Electrics box; License plate mount; Forward controls; 
  • Key switch & starter button mount; Headlight mount.
  • Trump oil tank; 2 3/4" mirrors; Throttle & handlebar switches from dirt bikes.
  • Crossover pipes sound awesome (1-3 / 2-4).
  • Pretty welds, my son the professional (Nick); All the rest, Mine!
  • Machine work, Jesse G.; Paint by R. Can.

The swingarm prep:  First of all, had to weld 3/8" plate to the flat underside of the swingarm, then cut a length of frame tubing (1 1/8"), welded the diagonally cut end to the flat plate (parallel to the legs & 90* to the plate, placed close to the front edge of the plate), welded a 3/4" turnbuckle to the other end of the tubing, made gussets (3/16") to form a V on the back side of the tubing, welded everything heavily, cut out a strip along the underside of the legs and reinforced with 1/2"X2" bar stock into the cutout and made sure it was against the topside of the legs, made these long enough to connect to the plate on the underside and the axle plate, all welded heavily. Affixed a corresponding 3/4" turnbuckle to the bottom side of the frame where the backbone met the crossbar at the rear motor mount. and that's all there was to it. Ha!

Tom Roberts

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