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Chopperman69's (Scot Schnieder) Newest Piece
This was about a 3 year build that started with a 1977 CB750A (Hondamatic) motor I found on ebay new in the box.  It had been sitting at a Honda dealer in Kansas for 30 years.  I had David Irving at Irving Customs modify the frame to fit the 24” over springer and redo the entire back half.  He also has a jig for building Invader style wheels, so I had him build those as well.  Before the wheels were welded, we sent the parts to Chad Rice for polishing.  After the parts were polished, we sent the spokes to Hernan D’Aloia for engraving.  Once the engraved spokes were completed, the wheel was finish welded and sent to Chrome Masters for chrome.  This was about a 3 month process total.  After I had a rolling chassis, I kinda got side tracked with life and a ’64 Econoline van but continued to send parts to Hernan for engraving as the budget allowed. 

Fast forward to 2010 and the decision was made to finish the bike.  I had been working weekends for Jerry Covington for the past 10 years and he wanted me to finish it for the upcoming “Eternal Combustion” show Michael Lichter was presenting at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis.  With a lot of help from Jerry’s son David, we got the remaining fabrication done so it would be ready for paint and chrome.  Josh Snipes got the frame molded and in primer.  I ordered up a pound of flake from Old School Flake and Dusty Brown used pretty much all of it on the bike.  The thing looked like a disco ball glowing in the sun.  After Dusty and Josh killed themselves burying the flake in clear, sanding, and burying it in even more clear, it was ready for some color.  Brian Loker absolutely nailed the 70’s look I was going for with the candy paint and silver leaf.  I couldn’t have asked for a better paint job.  Once I picked up the paint from Brian, I started on final assembly and wiring.  I actually received the last few chrome parts for it in Sturgis and bolted them on right before we took it to Michael Lichter’s show.

I would like to thank the following people for their help on the build:  Jerry Covington, David Covington, Pee-wee Covington, David Irving, Josh Snipes, Dusty Brown, Brian Loker, Duane Ballard, Chad Rice, Hernan D’Aloia, Sue at South Coast Stainless, and Darrell at Chrome Masters.

  • Engine: 1977 CB750A
  • Cam: Cycle X
  • Carbs: 29mm Keihin CR Special
  • Ignition: Power Arc
  • Exhaust: David Covington
  • Frame: Rigid
  • Rake: 57 degrees
  • Springer: 24” over from the 70’s
  • Fender: West Eagle
  • Gas Tank: Paughco
  • Brake: Harley
  • Forward controls: Softail
  • Headlights: Aris
  • Taillight: King Bee
  • Wheels: Irving Customs
  • Tires: Avon
  • Fasteners: South Coast Stainless
  • Seat: Duane Ballard
  • Molding: Josh Snipes
  • Flake: Dusty Brown
  • Candy: Brian Loker
  • Engraving: Hernan D’Aloia
  • Chrome: Chrome Masters
  • Fabrication: David Covington & Scot Schneider
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