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This was sent to me by Alain Duwime of  Noisy Sur Ecole France just outside of Paris. His Daughter Charlyne did the write up below for us. Thanks to both Charlyne and Alain for getting these pics to us with the description. Nice work Alain.


Alain's Chop (Alain Duwime)

My name is Alain, but my buddies call me AlainChop' because my favorite hobby is to repair and collect a whole bunch of old choppers. I'm French and I live near Paris.  I didnt build this chop, this is my friend J.P Vernet who did; I only repaired and finished it.  I bought it 2 years ago and I'm still trying to modify this chop, keepin' the spirit and the style that gives it the french touch as you can see !! ahahha

Particularities of my chopper Honda:

  • cb 750 four 1972
  • carbs what's more old
  • exaust 4/2 home made
  • kickstarter only
  • front end Girber home made
  • gas tank home made (jc V)
  • seat home made
  • sissy bar home made
  • front wheel 19' triumph+mini drum (off)
  • rear wheel 16'x3' hd
  • front tyre 90/90/19
  • rear tyre 5.00x16 avon mk2
  • front light bates 
  • rear light recycling
  • rear fender "amercanmoto"
  • paint home made

Here's a link to a YouTube video of Alain tearing up the roads of france! Clicky Clicky

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