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Memphis Maginoo
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Heres the bike that GOTF member Maginoo Pero Bastos (AKA: Kiki Licker) rides aroud Memphis every day. Nice bike  Angelo..!!!

I didn't build this, I rebuilt it!  It  originally belonged to my pops. It was this skinny kids job to push it in and  out the front door of our house in the early 80ís! He ended up giving it to that same skinny kid 20 years later! Can you guess who that skinny kid was, lol?

  • 16x5.5 excel rear wheel
  • 21x1.65 front wheel
  • Both hubs gloss  black powdercoat 
  • Old v-dub piston rods for passenger peg  mounts
  • Shovelhead kicker
  • Super rare finned valve cover, and breather  cover
  • Drag specialties scorpion solo seat and p-pad
  • External spring front  end, I have never seen another one like it!
  • Chrome headlight with mini  speedo
  • Drilled front rotor
  • K&N pod filters
  • Heavily modified stock  frame, with a modified weld on hardtail (you know the ones with the big hump  underneath the seat)
  • Big bore kit with 200# of compression accross the board and a decent sized cam
maginoo pero bastos
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