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Leon's "Janis Joplin"
This bike comes from South Africa and belongs to member Leon Pretorious. Leon's become a very important part of this site and has acquired this Honda Chopper down in South Africa. The story and description below are in his own words.

Name of my Bike is “JANIS JOPLIN”

If approved by GOTF and no-one offended. It is simple, I love her music and live story and it goes around in my head when I ride the Chop.

My story: 

I got a computer just about a two years back. One night I punched in the name “Honda CB 750 SOHC” and on the screen came this Website. I have always since mid seventies had a SOHC Honda in my possession, now I have two. You know the red and yellow one.

So my life was changed in a dramatic way as I meet so many good friends on this Board. So I searched over s Africa for this kind chopper, was almost taken for a few rides in terms of fraud, travelled all over the country, but at long last I got my hand on this dream. Now I gave up a trip to the WHCM 10th anniversary to be able to get it. I had to choose, and the fantastic friends here chose for me in a pole when I asked advice on the Community Board.

Kindest regards,
Your friend Leon.

Particulars of my chopper: 

  • Engine number is 18956 JE making it a K0, 
  • Carbs seem of a later model. 
  • Jammer Chassis #: 17865 JC 
  • Rear tyre: Bridgestone Spitfire 130/ 90x 16 “ 
  • Front tyre: Bridgestone 100/ 90x 19' 
  • Exhaust: 4/2 stainless steel home made slashers 
  • Front end: Springer
  • Kickstarter only. I prefer it, make you think before firing up 
  • Leather pouch by Perfecto. 
  • Seat by Easy Rider 
  • Gas Tank: Yamaha Virago 
  • Registered and titled in 1989 

First owner, was “Jake”, but I can not get much out of him, he is too old and not well any more due to Alzheimers.

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