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Tumpy's "King Kong"
What you see before you is Tumpy "Retro Redneck" Lewis's latest Hondachoppa. Not just any Hondachoppa but a rare, original, Kong framed Hondachoppa built by Rick "Kong" Wilkey himself (R.I.P.). Tumpy's been around here for many, many years now and he's built and owned a number of 750 chops. Probably the most infamous one was a little white number that he built and brought to the 2003 WHCM. Infamous because Tumpy hand made a beautiful kickstand out of a 2x4 to hold the bike up. But, he didn't quite have the design of it perfected and sometimes it failed to hold the bike up. Some of us rememeber this vividly.

Anyway, Tumpy resides in a town in Missouri by the name of Licking, yup, Licking Missouri. Anyone that knows Tumpy, knows that he must have searched town names vigorously before he chose that town to call home. No one is more comfortable telling everyone that he lives in Licking. (You have to know Tumpy, to understand). Every year he helps put on the Route 63 Car Clubs Annual Car and Bike Show right there in Licking Missouri.

Last year GOTFer Barry Land (landman) rode his Kong original down to the Licking Event. At some point that weeklend, Tumpy was able to cruise a few miles on Barrys bike. That was all it took. Tumpy had to have a Kong built bike. It took a little time, but eventually Landman came through. Barry found Aaron, a friend of his that was willing to part with his Kong built 750 that Rick built back in about 2005. Tumpy was on it and snapped this bad boy up.

It obviously began with a stock 750 frame and Kong did his magic with the seat area. From that point on we can't be sure of exactly what was made to fit, and what was basically made by Kong himself. Those are Kongs frowards and oil tank for sure. The important thing is that we are fortunate to have another original Kong creation before us for all to enjoy. Rick was the master at making a thing of beauty out of every day raw material and raw ideas, truly a legend.

Nice bike Tump! you are the real lucky one here.

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