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Tom836's "Orange Monster"
Tom built this bike over one of the cold snowy winters up in Rochester, Minnesota which means he had a fair amount of time
invested (the winters are long up here, trust me!) It all started when Tom picked up a nice used C&G rigid frame. Tom got a stock 78 K model tank from Ridelord, a member of the GOTF here at (R.I.P. Jason). Right away Tom began to apply his fab skills and put to use his knowledge of the paint and body industry. Tom ribbed and extended the tank to shroud the sprung solo seat and got a pair of fenders from a 65 Honda 175, ribbed them to match the tank and widened the rear one 3".

Then Tom went to work fabbing the flamed motor mount plates on each side of the frame. He used a tailite from a 1929 Lincoln when he fabbed the rear license bracket and side mount. Tom scrounged an old old headlight bucket from a smaller Honda as well, then adapted a mini speedo to it to clean up the handlebar area. Tom used the the stock 75 F disc brake hubs front and rear, using a 140/90x16 rear tire. Sporty type forwards were adapted to put his legs in a comfortable setting.

The motor started life as 75 F motor and Tom added an 836 kit as well as an R-1 cam when it was rebuilt. Then he went through the laborous task of polishing all of the aluminum goodies himself.. That's a messy job if there ever was one. Tom finished this all of with his own mixture of multi-layered candy, pearl, and flaked Orange paint that lights up when the sun hits it. An awesome color that has to be seen in person to truly

The final drive is a pair of offset sprockets, 18 front and 48 rear. Tom enlisted the help of his good friend Twolfman152 (a senior member here at to get the project done and done right. The two of them as a team made this bike the beauty it is. A bike that turns heads wherever it goes.

Beautiful job guys.

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