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David "drose69" Rose's "Drago the Dragin"
Down in the lower southeast corner of our US, in what I like to call the B-Zone, (Bitchin' Bikes, Beaches and Big Boobied Bimbos in Bikinis..), or known to most as Florida, more specifically Apopka, Florida, there resides a guy that has built many, many wild bikes and trikes, including a number of Honda 750s. Sometime back David Rose decided to brainstorm with his bud Dallas Miller and handful of his other homies to showcase his talents with an exotic bike intended for show only. The bike is definitely functional but it would be a sin to mark or blemish any part of this radical piece of 2 wheel art by abusing it on the streets of the B-Zone. Dave dug up a old Santee plunger frame at a local scrappers and the vision was beginning to become a reality. Dave stretched the HD tanks and widened the rear fender to 11 inches then he hand laid up a fiberglass section to connect them as a body.

A Buick Grand National turbocharger was adapted and topped of with a 650 Carter 4 barrel carb. Notice the cases, cylinder and head are not polished, not chromed, but gold plated. This was topped off with a hot shot of NOS. Then there's the gold plated VW distributor sitting in the RC adaptor and the handmade Turbo pipes that exit to the rear. Front forks were pirated from a Suzuki Savage, the rear wheel from a Honda VLX, Both front and rear hubs, their spokes, the drive chain, fork lowers and many other smaller parts were rinsed in the gold plate tank as well. The exotic green paint scheme finishes this piece of eye candy off quite nicely.

What a great example of a show stopping 750!
Nicely done Dave!

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