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"Dr. Skull's Bad Ass Beauty"
Many of you will remember the many transformations of this Honda chopper being built by GOTF Emeritus member Dirty Rice. Dirty did the final  redo of  the bike a couple of years ago and our own Dr Skull66 (Mark Short) had to have it and bought it immediately. Dirty had done the dirty work, the basic design and building, fabrication and assembly, the outrageous engraving, and the hand painted artwork that offsets the copper and brown flake paint. Saying that Dirty is a gifted artist would be putting in lightly. This bike is beautiful.

Once Mark had bought the bike he immediately began to finish it and detail it extensively. Dirty had done his part well, but Mark is a perfectionist and re-did some of the things his way.

When this bike first came to life Dirty used a Santee swing arm frame and grafted on an HD big twin hardtail. Throughout the build Dirty hand crafted many items. The stainless sissy bar and the jockey shift, the oil tank out of two kitchen canisters from Bed Bath and Beyond, and the handlebars started life as a jack handle from a hydraulic floor jack. He added many, many more innovative accents too numerous to mention.

Dirty used an old 10 over D&D springer with a 70s Sporty front wheel and a Sifton caliper up front. The motor is a standard K model with an 836 kit in it fired by a DynaS ignition and Accel coils. The Cycle Exchange carbs and filters feed the gas from a West Coast Choppers Villian tank and Dirty picked up a WCC rear fender to mount at the same time. After Mark got the bike he found a guy named Gypsy to Diamond Cut the edges of the fins on the cylinder and head to finish it off. Dirty went to LRT at Lowriders By Summers to build him a 16x6 rear wheel with a 180 Avon tire to fill the WCC fender and it does just that.

Mark has spent the last couple years detailing the bike, redoing things and making mods of his own design. You know, all that piddly stuff you see when you get up close and personal.

After immediately adding springs to the seat Mark fabbed the license bracket from a Model A tailight and an old bottle opener, the brass knuckle holder for the lock, and built a stainless and brass bracket to keep the carbs solid and secure. He rewired the complete bike the way he wanted it to be. using more fuses all around. Mark added wing nuts and stainless and brass hardware throughout the bike.

Mark has finished something that Dirty Rice started years ago, and it's finally DONE (for now).

Great job Dirty, and kudos go especially to Mark for getting this all sorted out making it rideable, dependable, and streetable. Very, very streetable.

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