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The "One Day Amen"
Got a bunch of spare parts laying around the shop so I got the idea to invite any HCMFer who could come over for a one day build. We ran a thread in "Odds and Ends" to prepare and collect missing parts from anyone willing to help. Before long we had a game plan and all the parts. I did spend a bit of time cleaning and preparing parts for the build.

LRT painted the gas tank ahead of time so we could have all the guys sign it the day of the build. I added a few names of the guys who sent pieces as well. We did make a whole bunch of parts and assemble the bike in one day with Roadkill as our lead mechanic. It wasn't until 74rat buttoned it up a few days later that we actually got to ride her. Since then I've made several refinements and here she sits in all her glory.

Introducing the "One Day Amen". 

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