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Kevinr13's Deep Blue Amen
I'm just an average guy with a love for motorcycles. I'm not a Pro or specialist by no means. The bike was running when I bought it. I had the seat re-covered and took off all the pin stripping the next day. I made it ride-able for the season. The next winter I started stripping it down part by part. I took the frame down to bare metal and did the body work that needed done. I made a new seat pan and pillion pad. I sent those off to Amidemon for him to do his magic with leather. Next was paint, laid silver base followed by chrome metal flake and then custom blue candy. I smoothed the valve cover and engraved the cam chain cover. I sent the sissy bar, chain guard, and oil tank off to be spray chromed. Then I did my final assembly. I bought like new carbs off of HounDog because the originals weren't up to par. 


Builder/Owner: Kevinr13
Frame: Amen
Springer: ?
Motor: 1974 SOHC 750, stock
Paint: Chrome metal flake and custom blue candy
Tires/Wheels: 19" Spool Front & 16" back
Carbs: stock
Brakes: stock drum back
Ignition: Stock
Coils: Kawasaki
Gas Tank: Mustang
Forward Controls: Working Class Choppers
Leather work by Amidemon
Carbs by Houndog

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