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A Slacker With Ambition!
Nothing like gloss black paint, the right amount of shiny parts, and attention to detail!!!! Man, this bike KICKS ASS!!! I can picture this bike Sitting on a revolving table at a bike show with Stevie Ray Vaughn Music blastin from speakers as people stand and gawk.... The best part Is I can also Picture it actually rollin down the road, big smile on the riders face that a bird at 50mph couldn't knock off! What can I say, everyone has personal opinions but I LOVE THIS BIKE!!!! Now, I'll wipe the Drool off my keyboard and get down to some Specs. Lets start with Slacker Johns Own Words.

The frame was built by Jon Morgan From the honda chopper site, I think it was only 1 of 2 he did, Its 1 1/2" tube frame with a 2" backbone, 1/2 " axle plates 42 degree rake, It has a 12 over Conventional front end with a 21 inch wheel,no brake, the sawblade instead, was a used harley wheel. an 80 spoke 5.5" out back with a 200 avon.

Has a custom dollar symbol sprocket out back, a West coast choppers fender cut down , cyclex carbs,the remote oil filter bracket and seat pan come from Baas metalcraft from the horse board. A set of choppershox under the seat ., The Fuel tank is a "Zombie" tank that I got off of ebay. with a pop-up cap. Exhaust was scored by chuck from one of the members on the board. and is super nice like brand new , N.O.S. The bars came from Jon Morgan also. The engine was bought off of Kiki, a few years back. Forwards are chrome horse, the rear caliper is a blem aluminum unit, the taillight was custom made/modified by me.I think most of the rest came from LRT or Chuck.

Owner - Slacker John
Builder/Fabricator - Chuck DV
Frame - Jon Morgan Custom 
Front End - 12" over Conventional
Gast Tank - Zombie 
Motor - 750CC
Carburetors - Cycle Exchange
Wheels - Front 21" / Rear 80 spoke 5.5
Oil Filter Bracket - Baas Metalcraft
Paint: Gloss Black by Chuck DV
Rear Fender - WCC modified
Seat - Baas Metalcraft

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