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2blackbelts' "10,000 Samurai"
The Samurai, a feared warrior of history that lived and died by a code of Honor and Loyalty. To become a Samurai took years of training and dedication to the craft, Much like the bike we see here.

A bike of this caliber does not happen over night and doesn't happen the first time you try to build a bike. It is from years of leaning and working that you develop the ability to produce a bike like this. Regardless of your personal taste or style, this bike is simply beautiful. The attention to detail is stunning and the airbrush work is nothing less than art. All I can say is Simply Stunning.

I'll let 2blackbelts explain the bike in his own words.......

This style is not for everyone. I really felt that I wanted to do something different with the inline 4, and not build a traditional "old school" bike. I wanted people to look at the new styling, lines, and design, and then be shocked to find out it has a 31 year old motor in it that will outrun their new 96" Twin Cams, and start on the first kick...everytime.

All of my bikes I help build are more on the edge, and there was a ton of fabrication in this bike. Wayne did the motor, and it is absolutely sweet. He also did the very initial frame work, but we totally redid that, as well as about everything else. The bike rides like it is on a rail, and glass smooth all through the gears. It has a functional softail, with about 1" of travel in the chromed swingarm. It took awhile, but I think it is finally done.

Here is a breakdown:

Builder / Owner = 2blackbelts
Handmade handlebars
Fat Bastard front end
Functional dual feed nitrous
250 rear tire
45 deg rake with 2" under downtubes
5 deg trees
Show polished motor
All chromed covers
Chromed billet wheels w/ matching rotors and sprocket
Internal throttle and brake
Troubadour gas tank
Hidden LED turnsignals and running lights
Sidemount LED taillight and license plate mount
Chromed disc brake calipers
Hand made alligator seat
Operational speedo and tach
Museum quality paint by Nathan Curry, Branson, MO.
1 Kick start - no electric starter
All braided lines and cables
Extended forward controls
All moulded frame, welds, and seams
Tons of modification to the HD frame to make the 750 fit

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